hot take: ‘chivalry’ is fine as long as it’s adapted to 21st century values. if you are a male, you SHOULD be aware that your female friends face certain issues that you as a male dont. acting on that awareness in a way that keeps your female friends safe, isn’t a bad thing.

like… opening doors isn’t rly chivalrous when it’s just a thing you ought to do for everyone. but real 21st century chivalry might be, like, standing between your female friend and the guy that’s trying to get her drunk, or offering to walk her home when it’s late.

if the ‘chivalry’ inconveniences everyone involved and you’re just doing it for your over-inflated male ego — ie, “no you’re the girl here, you HAVE to let me hold this door for you and do all these things for you even when you can do it yourself and im just slowing you down” — then it’s just outdated misogyny.


Qrowinfest Day 1: Family Feast

“Plum pudding? I thought you said you couldn’t cook.”

The smirk on Winter’s face as she leaned against the doorframe was one of victory, as if she had finally caught him in the act. Qrow turned back to the stove. “It’s called a hunter’s pudding, actually. Doesn’t always have plums,” he said as he put the finishing touches on the wet dough. “And I still can’t. Aside from macaroni and cheese and general basics, this is the only other thing I ever learned to make.”

“Hm.” She gave a small nod and walked closer, daring to look over his shoulder. “Hard to imagine that this hulking mess is going to become the centerpiece after the main course.”

“It’s a respected tradition of our household, and the only contribution that I’m allowed to make in the kitchen.” Qrow still remembered the last time he tried to bake cookies for the nieces when they were only up to his knees. He was sure Tai still did, too.

“But why pudding, though? Aren’t these hard to make?”

“Not really,” he laid out a floured piece of wet linen, transferring the dough to the very center before wrapping it up and tying it with a string. “Just time consuming. But the good news is that all that’s left is to just boil it.”

“For three hours.”

Qrow sighed. “For three hours.”

She clicked her tongue. “You still didn’t answer my question.”

“It’s… ” he found himself trailing off, thinking back to the first time he saw it being made – in a giant steel pail, held atop a heap of coals in the Mistral woods. “It’s tradition I grew up with, you could say. Hunters would take this with them when preparing for a…” Qrow struggled to describe the situation, “A special hunt. And when we began to live our new lives, this was all I really knew how to make.”

His shoulders drop, head tilting forward. “The first Winter Festival where it was just us four was… unfulfilling.” There was no better word for it, and he felt Winter’s hand curl into his as he continued to speak. “So partway through the holidays I made this. I knew it would never fill in the gap that was left behind, but it was enough for them.”

He would never forget the way Ruby and Yang’s eyes lit up when they saw the foreign object, or how they wanted a second plate after scarfing down their first. Or the way Tai cried and thanked him after the girls had gone to bed, saying that earlier he was so scared for the holiday season and what it would entail.

Winter took a deep breath, eyes closed. “… And when you say a special hunt, do you-”

He shook his head, and she stopped. But he licked his lips and found that he kept talking. “It’s a lot of calories in a dense package, but it’s a bit of a sweet treat. Given how we were in the middle of the Mistral wilderness, processed items like sugar were rare. Anything sweet usually came from mixing dried fruits. And we all knew that there was the risk of not returning to camp, so we’d reach down and add a bit of sugar or anything sweet to make this as a bit of a parting gift. Good luck, if you believe in that.”

She rested her head against his shoulder. “Like last rites, almost?” her voice was a whisper, ensuring that only he heard her words.

“.. Yeah, you could say that.”

“Does Tai know?”

“Probably. He knows about Raven and me, and I’m pretty sure she would have told him anyway at some point.”

Winter paused, looking down at her feet and then up into his eyes. “…And the girls?”

He sniffed and shook his head, blinking. “The girls love this. I… I can’t burden them with that bit of me.”

Winter wrapped her hands around him, pulling him into a slow and tight hug. “They’ll understand, Qrow. You’re not that type of person anymore, and I imagine that you haven’t been ever since you went to Beacon.”

He was sure they would, and that was what scared him. The Branwen Tribe was just a name to them, after all. No weight behind the seven letters. Just the image of people living off the grid.

When it was time to finally bring out the pudding, Yang and Ruby were ecstatic. For all his other culinary disasters, the two of them were already lining up their plates for Qrow to dole out a slice. The moment he was done serving them and sat back down again, though, Winter never let go of his hand until it was time to clear the table.

And when he really thought about it, the girls probably knew that the Branwen Tribe hunted more than just game and Grimm. It might just not have fully clicked with them yet.

“Never forget – I fell in love with the man you are now, not who you were before. And I’ll keep telling you that until you believe it.”

“… Thank you.”


Support class

[Jaune’s first battle as the team support]

Jaune:*looking down at his glowing hands* ”All right, no need to be nervous you got this! Don’t worry guys! I’ll fix you all up no matter what!”

Ruby:”Wah! Need support!”

Jaune:”ON MY WAY!”

[Many battles later]

Jaune:*takes a drag on his cigarette before blowing*

Yang:”Hey! Support over here!”

Jaune:”I got an idea. Why don’t you come over here for it?!”

Yang:”Why don’t you?”

Jaune:”Cause I’m not the one with damn near ROCKETFISTS! Also Blake! Drop a clone and get over here too! And don’t think I don’t see you Ice Queen! Slide that white butt over cause I am not picking you back up if you get stabbed….AGAIN!”

Weiss:”What about Ruby?!”

Blake:”Yeah! You didn’t mention her!”

*Jaune turns around to reveal a purring Ruby hugging him from behind.”

Jaune:”Cause unlike you guys SHE actually listens when I say stay close!”

Yang:”Well, what about YOUR TEAM?!”



Blake:”Did they just fall out the SKY?!”

Nora:”Sup! Fix us up Mon Capitaine!”

Ren:”Please. Don’t forget your manners Nora.”

Jaune:”Done. Now break them!”

Nora:”Victory will be the QUEENS!”

Ren:*calling back as he chases after her* “Thanks Jaune!”

Jaune:*sniff* “You were saying?”

Blake:”Er, Qrow?”

*Qrow peaks out of Ruby’s hood upon hearing his name in bird form*

Qrow:”CAW CAW!”

Jaune:*Takes another drag before exhaling* “You done or do ya wanna dig that hole deeper?”



I don’t talk about it enough but Nami is so important to me. She loves women so much. No matter what you hc her sexuality to be or whatever, you can’t deny Nami loves women.
She’s so fiercely protective and supportive of other women, she takes care of them in the ways that she can, she’ll fight for them without a second thought. I see so many female characters who see other girls as competition but Nami instantly sees them as friends??? And I don’t know what to do with myself?? this makes me so happy??

I’ve seen several tags and comments on this adding “Nami’s good with kids, too!!” and this isn’t an attempt at a call out or shitting on anybody. I like that Nami’s good with kids too, I think it’s in character for her and it’s cute… but that isn’t what this is about.

There’s a lot of layers as to why I really want to say this and I started on a way longer post going through those reasons but my dude what it really boils down to is most female characters love kids, because in the eyes of society that’s just what women are “supposed” to do 
but women are often portrayed as hateful and bitter and petty towards eachother in all forms of fiction, including shonen anime/manga.

This post isn’t about how Nami’s a good and kind person.

This is about how much it means to me, as someone who really values friendship and as a gay someone who loves women, that Nami is supportive towards other girls and fiercely protective over them.


Ruby Rose, 15 years old, looking like she’s 12, wielding big silver eyes, crazy impressive scythe skills, babbling adorably about how it’s her dream to help others: I’d really like to come to your school…

Ozpin, devoted to nurturing humanity, spent at least two lives as a father, mostly to daughters, likes to do the lame dad voice when telling fairy tales, thinks the best answer to ‘How do you deal with a kid who just stopped a robbery?’ is ‘Give her a whole plate of cookies’: I’m literally incapable of denying you anything right now 

Ruby: 😀

Glynda: omg 

Have you joined pillowfort? Why or why not?




I personally don’t have a Pillowfort account yet, but my partner does and she has let me look at her account fully to see what it is like. I’ve also viewed Pillowfort’s demo account which is linked to on their Kickstarter. I am waiting with anticipation when I can make my own account, but right now Pillowfort is in a closed beta which means the only people who have access to the site are ones who have been given special registration links. They were doing waves of free beta accounts a bit ago (which is how my partner got her account), but right now for every $5 you pledge to their Kickstarter you will receive a registration key if the Kickstarter gets fully funded (they are as of today 40% of the way to their $39,900 goal).

Here is why I’m excited for Pillowfort:

  • If you delete your original posts, every reblogged version will be deleted tooEdit your original post and the changes will appear on every reblog,
  • The ability to make posts visible to everyone, just followers, just mutuals, or just yourself.
  • A functional blacklist where you can blacklist a post body & tags or just tags.
  • A terms of service that explicitly states you hold all rights to your own intellectual property. It also states clearly that it forbids callout posts, doxxing, degradation, harassing, hate groups, spamming of tags with unrelated or offensive material, and slurs against minorities. If there is a user that is doing anything offensive or hateful, it is encouraged and mandated you don’t make posts about it and instead flag it and let the site moderators take care of it. This sort of system cuts down on “dashboard drama” and harassment that sites like Tumblr are known for. 
  • They have threaded comments which means discussions or praise no longer clog up your posts and your blog, keeping things much more organized and clean. We can also use tags for their ACTUAL purpose, tagging of posts for ease of search and organization instead of talking.
  • They have communities and a more connected user-based and user-led environment.
  • Posts in chronological order like they should be!
  • A staff that actually cares about the input of their members and is driven to listen and collaborate with their members to create a site that the users actually want instead of being led by a corporation that has their own agendas in mind.
  • A staff that wants to avoid corporate involvement, unwanted ads, and selling of user info to fund Pillowfort.
  • The future possibilities of what the staff can do with the site that we didn’t dream could be possible to have all in one place including accessibility and a functional mobile app.

So far, I’ve seen a lot of good things and I’ve been really impressed with how the staff is handling the site and how they have explained their plans for the future of Pillowfort.

If you say you really want a social media site that actually cares about their users, this is it. This is your chance to have what pretty much all of us want. This new blogging platform is all the best parts of Tumblr (and for those who miss Livejournal this is like a wedding between Tumblr and Livejournal) with all the parts we hate and loathe about the site scraped out of it.

If you like everything that you’ve read about Pillowfort.io, please pledge to their Kickstarter. Even $5 can help and it will get you a registration link to get on Pillowfort yourself if the Kickstarter gets fully funded.

If you can’t support Pillowfort monetarily, then please, please reblog, tweet, share, and spread it about everywhere you can. 

This is our chance to have a social media made with us in mind and it’s already starting out so well with 10,000 users in the closed beta. Let’s bring it to the next stage of its life!




i will update you guys when i made an account!


When creators write characters acting a different way, those characters are not out of character. 

It is a side of the character you have not seen before. 

Canon is not fanfiction.

*side-eyes comic books* 


She was an old loneliness that nothing could quite wipe away; she was vastly knowledgeable about people, about books, about the mind’s emotions and the heart’s. She lived sometimes in a black box of memories and unanswerable questions, and then would come out and frolic — be feisty, and bold.

Mary Oliver, Our World  (via lastqueenoftexas)