Destroying Mistborn

So I’m trying to like Mistborn. Really. I am.

And things are set up well–now that I look twice. The prologue pulls you inside the protagonist’s brain. I like that.

Annnnnnnnnnnd then we start the actual thing with some repetition.

“Ash fell from the sky.

Lord Tresting frowned, glancing up at the ruddy, mid-day sky as his servants scuttled forward, opening a parasol over Tresting and his distinguished guest.”

Honey. Honey no. You need to replace the second “sky” with another word. Please. K. Thanks.

But I’m not even mad. Not at you–writers often miss little things (like repeated words). I don’t expect you to notice everything.

Your editor, though?

Your editor should know better.

I’m gonna stop here for now. Will continue….

sporadically. B3



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