Destroying Mistborn 2

Okay, I’ll start off positively this time.

Sanderson does a great job of letting you know what a “skaa” is without outright stating its definition.

………this isn’t going to last, is it.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd within one page, we’ve CEMENTED the fact that Lord Tresting (whoever he is) is a complete and utter badword.

He’s “kicking the dog” by making comments about how the “skaa”–obviously slaves–should be controlled, and how they’re lazy, and how best to make them work faster. Ugh. Well, Brian, you’ve done a great job of making me hate this douchebag. *applause*

“The skaa weren’t actually Tresting’s property. Like all skaa, they belonged to the Lord Ruler[…]”
Ooooh, his title’s capitalized. I wonder if this guy is important?

*sinks head onto fist in thought*

I know I haven’t actually written or read very much at this point, and I know everything’s fairly disjointed here, but screw it. I’m just gonna save this for another day.


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