At Long Last

It’s been a while.

I burned out. I was trying to stretch myself into too many directions at once, and I just… became exhausted. Added to that is the mental and emotional strain of thinking my efforts were worthless, because I’m talented so I should obviously be doing so much better than I already am.

Please note the sarcasm in that last sentence.

I’ve learned that it’s okay to just do nothing. That it’s okay to not be very good at things. I knew this in my brain, but it hasn’t carried over very far into my practical life.

Those of you following this blog have done so because of my “reviews” of Mistborn. I don’t really know why, but I’m grateful. It let me know that my words didn’t amount to nothing.

I’ll try to post more. Anything. Personal posts, reviews, rants…. it’s all fair game, from now on.

The only rule is to keep on writing.